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Leadership and Fatigued Soldiers

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2 Part question

After reading FM22-100 Army Leadership-Army Values The Soldiers Load and the Mobility of a Nation: discuss the effect of loading and fatigue on a soldier and how it effected leading a fatigued soldier..

Today's soliders, airman and marines carry a lot "kit" into the field. Discuss what you as a leader could do to lighten the load without endangering their safety.

Thanks!! maybe 2 -3 paragraphs for each would be great!

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The Soldiers Load and Mobility of the Nation:

This book was written after World War I when soldiers, airmen, and marines were carrying a heavy basic load as well as very heavy body armor. The results of a soldier carrying unnecessary equipment have been a problem throughout history. The soldiers tend to fill their A & B bags with extra articles of clothing, foodstuffs, and tools that are not really needed during the time of battle. Commanders were telling their soldiers to bring these extra items. A typical basic load combined with the body armor, ammo, and weapon typically weighed in the approximately 55 to 60 pounds. Whenever the soldier added extra items to his basic load, the basic load's weight increased tremendously.

Once the weight of the basic load increased during long marches, the physical ...

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Talks about the fatigued soldier on the battle field and what can be done to lighten the basic load of the combat soldier.

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