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    "Small Unit Leadership" by Malone

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    Malone's final chapter seems to summarize the role and responsibility of a small unit leader. Yet, in doing so, he lists 27 different "how to's". Generally speaking, such a large number proves unmanageable when it comes down to determining what might be called the "commander's guide to successful leadership."

    Select what you feel to be the most important "how to's" from what Malone has listed - no more than 5. Explain and support your selection of the "top 5."

    Malone's How To's:

    1. How to listen
    2. How to process information
    3. How to transmit
    4. How to be a self-starter
    5. How to plan
    6. How to manage time
    7. How to make meetings work
    8. How to set standards
    9. How to delegate
    10. How to inspect
    11. How to maintain good performance levels
    12. How to provide corrective feedback to a soldier
    13. How to reward individuals
    14. How to bring smoke
    15. How to handle a ?Sharpshooter?
    16. How to counsel
    17. How to use the EER and OER to improve performance
    18. How to check unit performance
    19. How to provide feedback to teams
    20. How to use team rewards
    21. How to use team punishment
    22. How to motivate
    23. How to prepare for stress
    24. How to handle fear on the battlefield
    25. How to build a winning attitude
    26. How to supervise
    27. How to ask the right questions

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    The following 5 "How to's are the one that I feel are most important:

    The first is how to listen. The ability to listen to your subordinates, peers and superiors will make you an effective leader. All leader should have the ability to listen to their soldiers and use problem-solving techniques and caring for soldiers as a tool to gain loyalty from your soldiers. The ability to listen lets the soldier know that you ...

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