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Spanish Efforts to Recapture Lost North American Territories

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This solution addresses the inquiry, "What happened in the 1691-1821 re-conquest of the Spanish?"

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The Spanish Empire is said to have been established as early as 1492 under the rule of the Queen of Castile and King of Aragon. This year, the Spanish Crown sponsored the voyage of Christopher Columbus which sealed the faith of what is now referred to as Latin America. Spain's rivalry with Portugal heated up and their navies soon vied for control of the 'New World'. Now, in your question, you asked, "what happened in the 1691-1821 re-conquest of the Spanish".

Here you did not indicate which element of the history you are referring to. So I had to take in some clues coming from the years - 1691-1821, and the word 're-conquest'. As such, these clues fit neatly into Spanish Activities in the contested territories of the present-day American West including New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Mexico was already under Spanish rule but in the years 1692-1821, the Spanish empire began a 're-conquest'. Spain had previously controlled these territories through their military conquistadores. They have established portos, pueblos and trading outposts and they would have come into total control had not the Native American nations rose up to route and then expel the 'invaders'. They were successful too. Going back to their stronghold in present-day Mexico, the conquistadores and soldados (soldiers) reported to a shamed hierarchy and the Spanish crown was unhappy. They ...

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The solution looks back into the Spanish efforts to reconquer and recapture lost territories in North America including present-day Mexico,New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Dates, events and key figures are lusted. References are also listed.