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World History

Principles of Constitution

I need help with the assignment below. For each below, give the definition, an example, characteristics and an illustration of each. *Checks & Balances *Seperation of Powers *Due Process *Federalism *Judicial Review *Limited Government *Popular Sovereighty *Consent of the Governed *Supreme Law *Rule of Law Than

A short biography of Montesquieu

Montesquieu was born in Bordeaux, France on January 6, 1689 and died in Paris, France on February 10, 1755. He was the first French scholar to influence the period of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was a historical period during the 18th century characterized by an unwavering faith in reason as the solution to the social

French Revolution

What were the causes and events of the French Revolution? What conditions led to economic hard times and how did the economic situation lead to the downfall of the Monarchy?

WW2 Effect on World Order

The world prior to 1945 consisted chiefly of states with market economies, colonial empires, and international relations centered on European states like Britain and Germany. How did World War II damage and disrupt the older order of things in terms of international relations, the global economy, and the colonial system?

The general meaning of the word "Jihad" is holy war, but Quran explains it as a military struggle on behalf of Islam or spiritual struggle to reform oneself. Based on present circumstances, the people who are fighting in the name of Islam are jihadists, eventhough several terrorist organizations had claimed that they are fighting a holy war. Jihadi networks were originally the reform movements throughout the Islamic world. Steven Emerson, an expert on anti-terrorism has of the view that that there is a minority among Muslims who wants to pursue terrorist activities. He has of the view that the growing militant ideology among the Islamic fundamentalists against the west and United States should be countered from its roots. Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic revivalist movement started in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna. It began soon after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Hezbollah means Party of God, is a radical Shiite militant group in Lebanon. It was formed in 1982 after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It is taking inspiration from the Iranian political and spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini and Iranian Revolution. Hezbollah's primary focus is against Israel. Sunnis are the followers of the Abu Bakr, the successor of Prophet Muhammad while Shias are the followers of Ali, the cousin of Abu Bakr. One of the root causes of terrorism in Africa is weakening states of the region. The unstable states like Sudan have become the breeding ground of terrorists. Religious and ethnic tension is another reason for terrorism. One of the reasons for the terrorist activities in Asia is the dispute between India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir. In addition to the this ethnic issues, criminal activities like drug trafficking is a major source of terrorism in the countries of Asia. Another reason for terrorism is the rise of favorable atmosphere after the Soviet War in Afghanistan. There were many sources for conflicts in Iraq. Conflicts arose as a result of sectarian violence. The schism between Sunnis and Shias is one of the reasons for conflict. Another source of violence is among the minorities on the basis discriminatory political and religious views. Criminalization of politics and society is another source of violence in Iraq. The most important source of conflict in Afghanistan is Taliban. Another source of conflict intervention of Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian nations. The role of Pakistan is much bigger than any other nation in Afghanistan. The roles played by United States and United Kingdom cannot be forgotten as they are fighting a war on terror. One of the major event in Pakistan that helped the growth of terrorism was the Soviet-Afghan War. The Talibinization of Pakistan had changed the peaceful atmosphere in Pakistan. Another cause for the terrorism in Pakistan is the rivalry between Sunnis and Shiites. Pakistan was forced to control terrorist groups in the Kashmir border with India after the attack on World Trade Center. These groups which were supported by Pakistan turned against them after the September 11 attacks. The Great danger faced by the newly independent breakaway states of Russia is that they have elements of Weapons of Mass Destruction. There is a great danger that these fissile materials may fall into the hands ofterrorists. The fall of communism in Europe and counter-insurgency measures has literally wiped out leftist terrorism from the European soil. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Arab world led to the demise of leftist terrorist activities in Europe. Ethnic extremism is a radical act of particular ethnic groups in Europe to achieve certain goals. Ethnic extremism has no connection with the left or right groups. Nationalism in Europe played a prominent role in the rise of nationalist extremist ideologies. The fall of communism signaled the end of socialism and give rise to nationalism. Radical Islam is spreading fast in Europe and using different techniques to spread terror. One such method is spreading terrorist ideologies among immigrants of the west. Jihadi networks have spread across Europe from Poland to Portugal. The emergence of terrorism in European soil has become a threat not only to Europe but also to United States.

The general meaning of the word "Jihad" is holy war, but Quran explains it as a military struggle on behalf of Islam or spiritual struggle to reform oneself. Based on present circumstances, the people who are fighting in the name of Islam are jihadists, eventhough several terrorist organizations had claimed that they are fighti


What historical circumstances were associated with the rise of Confucianism?

Conquest Culture and Culture Crystallization

Discuss the concept of "conquest culture." Discuss if and how "cultural crystallization" was very significant in determining what the final stabilized forms of the Latin American acculturated society are.

Charlemagne's Empire Falls

Why did Charlemagne's empire disintegrate? How did the barbarian invaders contribute to the development of western Europe following the rule of Charlemagne?

Introduction to Latin America

Discuss the series of institutions established during the Spanish and Portuguese colonial era in what today is Latin America. In your discussion be sure to indicate the legacy of the colonial era (1492-early 1800s or 19th century) highlighting the institutions and traditions still in place today in Latin America. Why do you thin

The Rhodesian Unilateral Declaration of Independence

The Rhodesian Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on November 11th 1965 was a highly controversial event which inspires strong sentiments from many perspectives. Unfortunately, the facts are often not presented in a balanced and unbiased fashion. As a result students of Rhodesian/Zimbabwean history often do

Counterforce Contest as compared to Guerrilla Warfare.

This solution is an explanation for students who have an interest in Military History of the differences between 'Counterforce' conflict and 'Guerrilla Warfare'. Theoretical military terminology is often used in classes without a full explanation of the history or nature of such strategies therefore I have explained the terms in

NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949.

NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949. Which countries were originally involved in NATO? What was the purpose of NATO? What obligations did the member nations have to each other? Did NATO succeed in attaining its purpose? Explain your responses thoroughly.

Conventions & Historical Accuracy of "The Other Boleyn Girl"

1) What were the social conventions of the time? 2) How do these social conventions relate to class and gender? 3) What is the historical accuracy of this book? 4) What are some examples of the inaccuracies that may exist in the book, since it is historical fiction, rather than a biography?


More lives were lost on the battlefield and in extermination camps during World War II than any other conflict in history. Throughout the war, Axis aggression was met with resistance both on the political stage and in underground movements. What are some various examples of resistance and the effect these had on the outcome of

Influence of the Nazi Party

Adolf Hitler came to power by legal means, appointed by President Paul von Hindenburg on January 30, 1933, according to the constitution of the Weimar Republic. Thereafter, however, he proceeded to dismantle the legal structure of the Weimar system and replace it with an inflexible dictatorship that revolved around his person â

European History since 1900

Compare and contrast Woodrow Wilson's Idealistic View with Georges Clemenceau's Demands for Security and Revenge. What arguments did each use to advance his claims? How did the German Delegation react to the Treaty of Versailles?

Writing Statement of Purpose for Africana studies program

Looking for a start in writing a Statement of Purpose letter for the Africana studies program. A little information about me: Government employment / HR background / interested in EEO / Doctorate Student @ UOP (looking to transfer) / 5 years of Military Service. Thanks in advance.

European History

Hi, It would be great if you could help me understand these questions...I know the background, I was just wondering about the following questions. 1.) Why did France find it difficult to achieve security after the Versailles Treaty? Was the invasion of the Ruhr wise? 2.) Was the failure of the Weimar Republic in German

WW2 - Operational Theaters

The US fought a "two-front" war in WWII, in Europe and in the Pacific. How did these two theaters of war differ? How and why did America's goals and strategy differ for each front?