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Establishment and Organization of City Depot in Virginia

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1. Establishment of the City Depot on the banks of James river by General Ulysses G. Grant in 1864 during American Civil War

2. Professional management of City Depot by General Ingall

3. Establishment of harbors, wharfs, warehouses, and repair shops

4. Rail network connectivity with major parts of City Depot

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The City Depot located in Virginia was one of the greatest contributions of General Ulysses S. Grant in 1864. The depot was created at a time, when President Lincoln faced tough times waging war against the confederate forces. The military set back in capturing the city of Petersburg taught General Grant that logistics was the key for winning the battle. Keeping this idea in mind, the wise general formed a vast array of depots capable of supporting the Unionist forces in June 18, 1864 on the banks of the James river. The dept was put under the direct control of General Ingalls. General Ingall took up the task of ...

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This solution explains about establishment of a City Depot in Virgina during the last nine months of Civil War. It gives details about how City Point became a key port and store house of Unionist forces during the civil war.

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