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    Causes and Events Precipitating the French Revolution

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    What were the causes and events of the French Revolution? What conditions led to economic hard times and how did the economic situation lead to the downfall of the Monarchy?

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    The Causes & Key Events of the French Revolution

    Prior to the period of the French revolution (1789-1799), France was controlled by an absolute monarchy not unlike that in England under King Louis XVI. The issues that beset Louis XVI were economic and social in nature. Because of the 7 Years war and the French participation in the American Revolutionary War, the situation leading up to 1789 was economically bleak. In 1774 when Louis XVI at 20 ascended the throne from his grandfather Louis XV, France was already facing economic issues in country and within its territories. He appointed Swiss-born Jacques Necker as Director-General of Finance but then fired him due to Necker's suggested solutions based on assessment - Necker believed that the country cannot be taxed any higher and that clergymen and the nobility's tax exemptions should be lifted for by doing so will ensure income flow into a very regressive and overly taxed nation of commons; it did not help that he also proposed restriction of spending of the parliaments of the noble ...

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