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American position within the mercantilism system

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Did the American position within the mercantilism system hasten the coming of the Revolution?

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This solution of 455 words summarizes the American position within the mercantilism system and contextualizes the pre Revolution ideologies. It explains how these ideologies hasten the coming of the revolution and three references are provided for further topic exploration.

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Your answer is yes it did. In the New World you have this new and very rich class of merchants that arise. These merchants were usually from the northern colonies of what would become the U.S. The colonies in the southern part of the pre U.S. were farmers primarily. Some of these farmers were very rich themselves, but no one class was as rich as merchants were.

These merchants had close ties in the colonies and also in Europe as well because of the trade that they were involved in. Because of this relationship, when the run up to the Revolution took place their close ties with Europe led many of these merchants to be loyalists instead of patriots. Loyalists supported ...

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