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    World History

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    Booker T. Washington

    How did Booker T Washington's teachings and education , help shape the African people to become a more secure and independent races? What events early on Booker T Washington's help shape him as a leader and as a person?

    Slavery: Middle Passage

    The condition of the African slaves during the middle passage was horrible. Men suffered greatly than women, as they were chained together shoulder to shoulder. The slaves were given food once or twice a day. Women were given freedom of movement because they were less in threat compared to men. They were allowed to go out of

    Adolf Hitler's Death

    A brief description (less than 300 words) of the final days and death of Adolf Hitler addressing the conflicting accounts many people have heard about what actually happened at the end of the German Chancellor's life.

    The Crusades & its Implications

    I need help to complete a Powerpoint presentation on how history and its methods can be used to approach a specific contemporary problem such as war. I do not have the Powerpoint program on the computer, and I cannot afford it at this time. I do not need any extravagant pictures, but I need 2 slides w/6 bullet points per slide a


    Explain the wartime context of the Holocaust, and describe the nature of Nazism.

    African Americans after the emancipation

    I have started this project, but I need more information on what transpired to African Americans after the emancipation and describe what obstacles they encountered.

    Wester Civilization

    Discuss World War I, its causes, major events, turning point, and peace settlement. What impact did the war and its aftermath have on politics and culture? Describe conditions in the Great Depression, focusing on the countries that suffered most and least. What impact did economic failure have on the era s politics? Discu

    Night by Elie Weisel is explicated.

    Discuss Elie Weisel's struggles as a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944 to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    Causes of WW1

    What forces were leading to war during the uneasy peace between 1871 and 1914? What were fundamental causes of World War I? Do you think that the war could have been avoided? Explain.

    Overview of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939

    The Hitler-Stalin Pact is also known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, since the Soviet Foreign Minister of the time was Molotov, and the German Foreign Minister assigned for the negotiations was Von Ribbentrop. It was signed in Moscow August 23-24, 1939 and was, on paper, an agreement between German and Russia to renounce war

    Soviet Dominance in Eastern Europe

    Identify and explain the sources of disillusionment with Soviet dominance in Eastern Europe after WWII. Please include any references you my have.

    Cold War precursors are noted.

    Describe the conditions that led to the Cold War. Identify two components that affected integration and unity in Europe. Please include any references you my have.

    Underlying reasons why World War I broke out

    I need help identifying the Great Powers who went to war in 1914. Explain at least three causes of World War 1, and can you include Weimar German and fascism in Italy in your response.

    Sub problems are featured.

    Question: What is the relationship between the mortality rate of African Americans and accessible quality healthcare? Thank you

    History - African Elements in African American English

    Please see the attachment. Explain the attached articles and note the main points in each one. 1. Africanisms in African American Names in the United States, is by Joseph E. Holloway. 2. African Elements in African American English, is by Asante.

    African History

    1-Highlight and explain one example for each of the following terms:cultural interaction, integration, assimilation; with illustrations from the material covered in chapter 1 reading. 2-West African experience: what are the three most significant factors that impacted the west african experience in the slave trade and coming

    Opium War facts are included.

    I need help that answers the following questions: Why did the British smuggle opium into China? How did China react? What was the end result?

    Important Aspects of Lorenzo Turner

    1.Identity what you see to be the 3 most important aspects about Lorenzo Turner and his research. Explain why you highlighted these. 2.Identity what you see to be the 3 most important aspects about Melville Herskovits and his research. Explain why you highlighted these. 3.In reflecting on the article, explain what your th

    Biography of Georg Cantor - Mathematician

    1,400 WORD BIOGRAPHY OF GEORG CANTOR, THE MATHEMATICIAN. Prepare a 1,400 word biography. The biography must include the following material (if available): a.Place of birth b.Brief overview of family life and upbringing c.Education d.Countries in which he or she lived and worked e.Specific examples of his or her contrib