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World History

Social Diversity is explored.

This posting describes the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Argentina. It also examines how the dominant population treated minority populations in Argentina. It also explores these questions: What is the role of women in Argentina deciding reproductive strategies? What is the per capita income of

This posting offers a personal reaction to McCarthyism.

Please help with the following problem. This posting explains how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S. It also takes a stance to offer McCarthyism as inappropriate. Resources are listed.

Treaty of Versailles

I have been assigned Part 2-3 of the Treaty of Versailles. Write a consolidated summary of the original treaty text provisions/wording that you think should have been done differently so as NOT to provide the catalyst for another war. A copy of the treaty can be found here: Treaty of Versailles:

This posting offers evidence to keep Napoleon from being shipped to St. Helena.

This solution reiterates a hypothetical scenario: Congress of Vienna and the People of Europe vs. Napoleon Bonaparte?case number 1815, held from September 1, 1814, to June 9, 1815, nine days before Bonaparte's final defeat at Waterloo. The Congress was attended by ambassadors from the major European powers, and its charter was t

What could had Louis XVI done to save his head?

When looking at the French Revolution through the convenient lens of 20/20 hindsight, we are generally left with the impression that the juggernaut of events that preceded and followed the storming of the Bastille could have all been avoided if Louis XVI had just made the effort to listen to his people and assert himself as a le

Social protest movements in Venezuela

Research the types of social protest movements in Venezuela. Possible types of protest include environmental, feminist, peasant, labor, minority, indigenous, and religious protest, Focus on examples of social protest, not social revolutions or general political history. 1. Your essay should discuss specific examples of socia

Racial democracy in Brazil is a myth according to many Afro-Brazilian scholars. This claim is also supported by studies of poverty and distribution of wealth along ethnic lines. This brief resource guide provides some key theories and scholarly sources that aim to prove that racial equality in Brazil is an illusion dispelled by extensive studies that show most of the poor are of African descent, while the wealthy are predominately of European descent.

A few theories that could be expanded to "prove" the idea of racial democracy in Brazil as a myth: -- Economic poverty and skin color are correlated in Brazil's 2000 census results (Available at: /home /estatistica/ populacao/censo2000/ populacao/religiao_Censo2000.pdf). If you read comparisons of the previo

Iraq Religious Instability

Can someone explain to me in general terms specifically why is their so much turmoil between the Sunnis, Shi'ites, and Kurds living in Iraq. Here's what I would like to have as a breakdown/format for whomever decides to answer these questions. Please answer these questions so that I can have a better understanding of what's

Roman History

Please explain to our study group how Christianity related to other religious phenomena of the Roman Empire?

Mechanized Warfare - Inter-War Period or WWII

1. What are some lessons learned regarding the introduction of the tank and/or the concept of mechanized warfare during WWI, the Inter-War Period, or WWII? Note: Please ensure you stay within the WWI - WWII time period. Please be short but relevant. Provide some good reasons on why there were important and the critical lesso

Early Roman History

Please help our group with the following question: 1. In 140 BC Rome was a Republic but by 31 BC it had become something that was fought over and seized by rival generals and their armies. Can you help us explain the steps that led to this development and the causes of this change? Thanks for helping us.

Early Roman History

Please explain to me why it was so difficult for Rome, which had a city-state constitution, to run an empire?

Operation Pointblank vs. Strategic Bombing

1. In what ways did Operation Pointblank differ from Douhet's concept of strategic bombing? 2. What affect did bombing have on German morale? 3. Was the idea of area bombing making a virtue of a necessity? Why or why not? 4. Why did Eighth US Air Force go into World War II without sufficient escort fighters? 5. Was

The Weimar Republic in Germany

Please help answer the following problems. What was the Weimar Republic? When and why did it come to power in Germany? What problems did it face? How long did it last? These questions are considered.

A book overview is included.

A review of "Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict", Third Edition, by Charles D. Smith (St. Martin's Press, 1988, 1996), 308. Review by Dr. Paul-Thomas Ferguson. In this review, Dr. Ferguson summarizes the content of the book and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the author's arguments.

Insights into this book are given.

A review of "The Middle East: A History", by Sydney Nettleton Fisher (2nd Edition, 1968), xiv, 640. Review by Dr. Paul-Thomas Ferguson. In this review, Dr. Ferguson summarizes the book's content and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the author's arguments.

A book talk is listed.

A review of "Islam and Politics", 4th ed, by John L. Esposito (Syracuse University Press, 1984, 1998), Xv, 393. Review by Dr. Paul-Thomas Ferguson. In this review, Dr. Ferguson summarizes the books content and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the author's arguments.

"Saladin" by Geoffrey Hindley (Barnes and Noble, 1976)

Full book review of "Saladin", by Geoffrey Hindley (Barnes and Noble, 1976), xv, 208. Review by Dr. Paul-Thomas Ferguson. In this review, Dr. Ferguson presents a detailed summary of the book and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the author's arguments.

Brazil: Indigenous Groups or Religious or Ethnic Minorities

I need suggestions/ideas on the following: Address the following in this section of your paper: 1. Describe the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Brazil. Be sure to approximate each group's percentage within the general population. 2. In the past, how have the dominant population treated minori

Midway and the Battle of the Atlantic - World War II

Please help me with the following question. I need a general understanding: 1. What dilemma faced the Japanese naval general staff in the spring of 1942? 2. How was this dilemma the same or different from what the Allied admirals faced? 3. What was Admiral Yamamoto's plan? 4. What does the Battle of Midway tell y