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Identification of hypothesis and null hypothesis

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What is the relationship between the mortality rate of african ameicans and accessible healthcare?

having trouble more so with the null hypothesis

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Dear Student,

Before diving straight to provide you an answer to the question above, I think it is far more important for me to define and explain what null hypothesis is and why it is significant in research, especially in the social sciences. I am doing this because I can imagine that terms and concepts like this could get easily confusing, much more so identifying it in a statement. I will do my best to simplify things for you.

A Hypothesis

A theory starts out as a hypothesis in the social sciences. When a scientist or a researcher sets out to explore subjects of study via research and the scientific method, they start with a question. This main question is related to more questions from which the researcher takes on a position that the research will either prove or disprove. This position is the hypothesis. For example, I can start with the Main question - Why married couples split up? My related questions would be - Is it because they grew to hate each other? Is it because they found other people? Is it because they are unhappy? Is it because they cheated on each other? Is it because of other factors that I have yet not identified? From here, on further reflection, I can decide to take up this ...

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