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    Question: What is the relationship between the mortality rate of African Americans and accessible quality healthcare?
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    When we write or undergo a research investigation it both the natural and the social sciences, we start with a question. This question either becomes the main investigative question that influences the entire research by being that one question we are seeking to answer by research or it leads us to the main question. Put simply, science begins when man seeks to know and doing so follows the scientific method to arrive at an answer. The question you have indicated above is such a question and from what I can see so far, this is the main question, the primary investigative goal of te research which you are to undertake. The subquestions on the otherhand seek to support the main question - answering them clarifies certain subsets and details in the entire research/investigation and doing so allows you to complete and cmpetently undertake the research because to know what questions to ask equates to arriving at identified areas that are relevant to the research. Now, dont worry it is not that hard. Let me give you a quick example with a simple question.

    Main question - Why does he love me?

    Subquestions ...

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    The relationship between the mortality rate of African Americans and accessible quality healthcare is determined.