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World History

Iran-Iraq War

What were the events that led to the Iran-Iraq War? What was the significance of the Shiite-Sunni division within Islam that led to this war and what was the role of religious fundamentalism in these events? What was the role of the Soviet Union and the U.S. in this war and what were the consequences of this war?

Zheng He Voyages

Debbie What do you think about the following The voyages of Zheng He reveal a powerful, accomplished, and restored Confucian state and civilization in China that was at least equal to, but very different from, emerging early modern Western civilization. List and describe the major factors that made those voyages possible. How

Post-war Japan

Discuss how assumptions the social reforms and equality would flourish in post-war Japan have or have not been realized. Who was assumed to benefit in Japan from the worldwide trend of social empowerment. Who or what has benefited thus far.

Nationalism and the Working Class, Women, and Minorities

I need assistance in writing a paper (1,050) that answers the following question: How did the rise of nationalism affect the efforts of the working class, women, and minorities to achieve political power by both peaceful and violent revolution during the period of 1789-1871? Identify the changing roles of the working class,

Government Matrix

I need assistance in completing the matrix on governmental systems (attached). And also completing the questions that follows the matrix.

South Carolina Declaration of Secession

I need assistance with a summary on the South Carolina Declaration of Secession pre-war document as well as listing the reasons given to justify the secession and if the South was justified in leaving the Union. I am having a hard time finding a good source to include with this. Also, what are some good reasons that were give

Jewish "Diaspora"

Explain the Jewish "Diaspora", history of Zionism, its five points (adopted by the 28th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem in 1968) and impact of both World War I (1914-18) and World War II with the Holocaust on the creation of Israel.

Mikhail Gorbachev & Helmut Kohl

- Explain Mikhail Gorbachev's vision and why it failed - Explain how Helmut Kohl was able to reunify Germany and remain in NATO

The Russo-Japanese War 1904-05

The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 was not a sudden event. The war was the result of the bitter rivalry and competition between two powers in Far East. The surprising factor in the whole event was that a tiny Asian power was able to defeat a mighty western power who had been basking in its past glory. It marked the rise of Ja

Zionism as an Ideology

Briefly explain Zionism as an ideology (with its five points from the 28th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem in 1968) and its role during World War I (1914-18) and World War II (1939-45) in helping create Israel as a Western state (combining kibbutz, secular vs. religious Jews and Jewish immigration).

What did the Great Powers use as military and religious policies?

Describe the various geo-strategic, military and religious policies used by the European Great Powers (Austria, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy) to annex key Turkish provinces and ultimately partitionand destroy the declining Ottoman-Turkish Empire (1700s-1919).

European History

Explain the consequences of World War II and the legacy of the Holocaust. (Response needs to be at least 250 words and a reference please).

Reasons for Success in Ottoman-Turks Creating a Non-Arab Islamic Empire

What were the reasons for the military successes of the Ottoman-Turks in creating a third (but non-Arab) Islamic empire re-uniting the Greater Middle-East/Gulf region, and what type of relations did the Turks have towards their non-Turkish subject populations and minorities (Arabs, Balkan and Middle-Eastern Christians, Armenian

Rise and Fall of Ottoman-Turkish Empire

Explain the origins, rise and decline of the Ottoman-Turkish Empire (1300s-1918) in the "Greater Middle-East/Gulf" and its system of government and relation with oppressed ethnic groups (Armenians, Balkan Christians).

Success of Islam and Arabs in the Middle East

Why did Islam and the Arabs succeed in spreading throughout the Greater Middle-East/Gulf against the Byzantines and Persians? What were the military successes of the Omayyad and Abbasids Arab Empires?

Muhammad and the Creation of Islam

What are the religious roots Muhammad used to craft Islam? How did Muhammad obtain religious and political success in uniting the factional Arab tribes? How did Muhammad convert non-Arabs to Islam?

Regional geographies in the Greater Middle East/Gulf

Explain how the Greater Middle East/Gulf is shaped by its various regional geographies (Middle East vs. Gulf vs. North Africa, Fertile Crescent vs. deserts), and its geo-economic importance (oil vs. international trade routes or nomadism and agriculture vs. urbanism and industrialization).

War, Culture and Business Management

Please provide assistance answering the following question. I need to tie war and culture to major business management, and I am not too sure how to approach this. I need to consider both WWI and WWII, but I am a bit unsure of how to tie this all together. Please provide references.