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    Downfall of Rome and the role of the Emperors

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    Discuss the factors that contributed to the downfall of the Roman imperial administration, including the role of its military, the influx of barbarian peoples, the reforms of Constantine, and Christianity. How did the Europe under the rule of the Charlemagne differ from Europe during the time of Constantine, and what did the title of "emperor" mean during each period?

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    Rome fell because she had long reached her natural limits. Slave economy maintained high unemployment and land continued to be concentrated in fewer hands. The ancient Roman ethnicity was destroyed as the Germanic conquerors trickled in (and then flooded in) from the north and east. Religious confusion was rife as numerous sects entered the Roman mainstream from the East. The Roman pantheon was confusing and multicultural. There was no pagan theology as such and hence, other than its political content, unified ...

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    The downfall of Rome and the role of the emperors are examined. The factors that contribute to the downfall are given.