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    South Carolina Declaration of Secession

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    I need assistance with a summary on the South Carolina Declaration of Secession pre-war document as well as listing the reasons given to justify the secession and if the South was justified in leaving the Union. I am having a hard time finding a good source to include with this. Also, what are some good reasons that were given to justify secession? I couldn't find a good source for that either.

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    Let us first discuss the summary of the South Carolina Declaration of Secession. I also included a very good source that does a great job explaining this (and the other states?) succession proclamations. This will also help you when you create your response.

    On 24 December 1860, the officials (Christopher G. Memminger, F. H. Wardlaw, R. W. Barnwell, J. P. Richardson, B. H. Rutledge, J. E. Jenkins, and P. E. Duncan) of South Carolina began adopted the Declaration of Immediate Causes; and this was soon signed and executed by the officials in the State of South Carolina . This document explained why the state of South Carolina seceded from the Union. The document provided a clear reason per the Constitution of the United States as to why South Carolina had a right to establish themselves as a separate state outside of the Union. The reason for the Declaration of Immediate Causes mainly had to do with the Northern States disregarding the Fourth Article of the Constitution to return runaway slaves, but it also had a lot to do with the recent election of a president who was against slavery. The committee in South Carolina argued that the federal government went against the Constitution and deliberately broke the law of compact. With the law of compact broken, South Carolina was able to justify its succession from the Union. ...

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