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    Zheng He Voyages

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    What do you think about the following
    The voyages of Zheng He reveal a powerful, accomplished, and restored Confucian state and civilization in China that was at least equal to, but very different from, emerging early modern Western civilization. List and describe the major factors that made those voyages possible. How do you evaluate and understand the later Ming decision to drop (and forget about) the voyages?

    Any insights or thoughts will be helpful. I am so excited this is my last discussion!
    Debbie if you need the inserts from the book I will send.
    Always, Mary

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    Okay Mary, first of all, who was Zheng He?

    The emperor Yongle and his successor, Xuande, persuaded Zheng He to command seven expeditions, the first in the year 1405 and the last in 1430. Zheng He traveled from China to the west, as far as the Cape of Good Hope. the objective of these trips was to show the glory and majesty of the Chinese Ming Dynasty. Yongle and Xuande also wanted Zheng He to show evidence from the barbarians beyond the seas. Did you know all of this? The ships that they built for these voyages also exemplified China's ...

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    The expert determines how to evaluate and understand the later Ming decision to drop the voyages.