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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Columbus, of course, is credited with discovering the New World, although many experts disagree with who actually discovered the continent first. Although Columbusâ?? writings give much accurate history of his voyages and discoveries, we must suspect his veracity because he was known for self-promotion and the need to make money and bring glory to his backers.

As you read from his writings, pay attention to the riches that he describes. Why do you think he puts in so much detail? Do you really believe that he found all of the riches he describes in his writings? Notice also how he praises the King and Queen, and consider WHY he is, in essence, â??kissing upâ? to them. What do you think about his descriptions of the natives? Why does he repeat ideas such as â??[t]hey have no ironâ? (22).

His writings are truly a form of propaganda. He is trying to convince the King and Queen that they have done the right thing in funding his voyage (he wants them to fund another!). He is also trying to show to everyone in Europe that he has found the richest of riches.

Questions: Read all of the selections from Christopher Columbus in your text (â??Columbusâ??s Letter Describing His First Voyageâ?). Then, in the appropriate Discussions topic, tell how you think these works are propaganda. Give specific examples as to where you think Columbus is trying to â??sellâ? what he has discovered to the Europeans.


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He puts in lots of details about riches because he is trying to sell the idea to gain more money for voyages.
He is "kissing up" with praises to the King and Queen to gain more money for his voyages.

His descriptions of the natives begin by stating that they looked but "found nothing of ...

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