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    Zionism as an Ideology

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    Briefly explain Zionism as an ideology (with its five points from the 28th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem in 1968) and its role during World War I (1914-18) and World War II (1939-45) in helping create Israel as a Western state (combining kibbutz, secular vs. religious Jews and Jewish immigration).

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    "The 28th Zionist Congress, meeting in Jerusalem 1968, adopted the five points of the "Jerusalem Program" as the aims of Zionism today. They are:
    1. The unity of the Jewish People and the centrality of Israel in Jewish life;
    2. The ingathering of the Jewish People in its historic homeland, Eretz Israel, through Aliyah from all countries;
    3. The strengthening of the State of Israel which is based on the prophetic vision of justice and peace:
    4. The preservation of the identity of the Jewish People through the fostering of Jewish and Hebrew education and of Jewish spiritual and cultural values;
    5. The protection of Jewish rights everywhere."

    According to the Bible, God had promised the land of Canaan (roughly the area of modern day Israel) to Abraham and his descendants around the year 2100 B.C. Abraham lived briefly in Canaan as did his son Isaac and grandson Jacob. However, as a result of a famine around the year 1875 B.C., Jacob and the 75 members of his family travel to Egypt to acquire food. Jacob and his descendent settled in Egypt and became very numerous. Eventually, they became so numerous that the pharaohs of Egypt worried they might join Egypt's enemies in the event of an attack. They were therefore enslaved by the Egyptians and remained in slavery for 400 years. Moses, was called by God to liberate the Israelites and lead them back to the Promised Land around 1400 B.C. The Jews return to Canaan and defeat the inhabitants living there to take ...

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    This post takes a look at Zionism as an ideology. The five points of the "Jerusalem Program" are discussed. Over 950 words of original text along with links to sources for further research.