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Important meetings between US and Britain during WWII

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What were the two most important meetings between the U.S. and Britain during WWII between 1943-1944?

What was the Allied strategy at Casablanca and how had it changed by August 1944?

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The important meetings between the United States and Britain during World War II are determined. The allied strategy at Casablanca and how it had changed in 1944 are determined.

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(1) What were the two most important meetings between the U.S. and British during WWII between 1943-1944?

There were several very important meetings between Churchill and Roosevelt during this time. All had importance when it came to strategizing for the war. However, The Trident Conference, or the Third Washington Conference (held in Washington DC from May 12 to May 27th 1943), held post Casablanca, was a very important meeting between the U.S. and British. It planned for the Italian Campaign, major air attacks on Nazi Germany, and the war in the Pacific. These three areas of interest discussed at the conference were basically the beginning of the end of the war because the world leaders were able to better define a strategy against future attacks on Italy, Germany, and Japan. It was also at this meeting that they finalized plans for the attack upon Japan where MacAuthor was to move toward the Japanese base at Rabaua, and Britain toward Bruma from the mainland of India (Churchill, Winston Spencer). This meeting was also a little more important than the original one at Casablanca because it was able to improve upon the strategies discussed at Casablanca and better decide what needed to be done and when.

Another of the Important conferences was Teheran Conference in 1943 ...

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