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Military operations of the Korean War

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Discuss the major military operations - land, sea, and air - of the Korean War from January 1951 until the conclusion of the conflict in July 1953. Also provide a discussion of the major leaders involved in U.S. military operations during this time period

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The military operations of the Korean War is given. The major leaders involved in the United States military operations during the time period are given.

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The entrance of China into the Korean Conflict in November of 1950 drastically changed American and allied policy for the next two years. Initially the Truman administration seriously considered using atomic weapons against the Chinese since their overwhelming numbers created the possibility of Americans and Republic of Korea (ROK) troops being overrun by sheer numbers.

In January the US evacuated the South Korean capital of Seoul and withdrew from the incursion at Inchon.
The US and ROK began offensive actions in February and retook Seoul in March of 1951. A series of offensives with hard ...

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