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    Korean Reunification

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    Why is the United States such an important player in the potential reunification of Korea?

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    The United States' role as a player in potential reunification basically comes down to the history between the two countries, starting from 1950 and the outbreak of the Korean War. Although it appeared that the US was not prepared to put the Korean peninsula under its protective net from communist incursion, the invasion of the South by the North spurred the US government on to action and (with the help of a Soviet boycott of the Security Council) it was able to put together a United ...

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    This 375 word solution explores the issue of reunification on the Korean peninsula, focusing on the role of the United States in any move towards unification of North and South Korea. It highlights the historical contexts and political commitments that connects the interests and politics of the three countries together. Additionally, a larger perspective of internationally geopolitics and national security is briefly discussed regarding the United States' role in Korean affairs.