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    How did the Berlin Airlift alter the world?

    How did the Berlin Airlift alter the world? Pick a way that you feel the Berlin Airlift altered the world to follow and discuss the elements present in the Berlin Airlift that created this change.

    Rousseau and Hobbes' Views on Primitive Man

    Please help and ideas to get started on the following assignment: 1. Compare and contrast Rousseau and Hobbes' views on primitive man. Which one do you agree with and why? Use any number of external sources. About 3 pages long. Include bibliography. See the attachments.

    Please please help me Tenets of faith (PLEASE HELP)

    Explain how artistic expression reflects the basic tenets of the islamic faith in the following examples. 1) Architecture a) Mosque b) Minarets 2) Persian poetry a) relationship of lost lovers b) celebration of spring 3) Music and dance a) Turkish whirling dervishes b) sufi dancing Thank you so much for your he

    Simone de Beauvoir is briefly explained.

    Help with an analytical Paper on Simone de Beauvoir is given. This job offers data to explore the gender and historical issues that we raise and analyzes them in relation to one of the autobiographies.

    The Modern Middle East is examined.

    This posting discusses and explains the validity of this statement: "The Modern Middle East is a place where societies and states have been shaped by nationalism, oil, and religious politics."

    London England Tourist Places-please group based on location!

    Help with London travel is given: St. Paul's Cathedral Windsor Castle Westminster Abbey Kensington Palace Buckingham Palace - Changing of the Guards London Museum The Financial District Shakespeare Globe Theatre Big Ben Cabinet War Rooms Tower of London Air Museum Chapel Royal British London Eye


    Can someone help me out with a presentation on the Life of Nefertiti?

    Description of Treaty of Versailles

    Background: Treaty of Versailles Historians have often argued that if Germany had been treated the same way after World War I as it was after World War II, then it is very likely that World War II may never have happened. In this exercise, you will be split into four distinct groups each representing one of the main victors of

    French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire

    Like Adams and Jefferson, historians of the French Revolution differ dramatically in their assessments of it. Some find it socially liberating and culturally innovative, while others think it hindered liberalism or was just uselessly destructive. How do you assess the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire, and why? Use spe

    Modern France From 1789 to 1914

    Why were there so many revolutions in France in the nineteenth century? What are common causes or issues among them all, and what are distinctive features of each? Be sure to include specific information regarding the different revolutions to support your position. How useful, or not, is Jefferson's suggestion that several diffe

    The Da Vinci Code Review - The Last Supper

    What is the historical context of the last supper painting and its implications? What is the conflict/controversy surrounding the movie? Is it warranted? What impact has this painting had globally? What is your assessment of the painting?

    Social Diversity is explored.

    This posting describes the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Argentina. It also examines how the dominant population treated minority populations in Argentina. It also explores these questions: What is the role of women in Argentina deciding reproductive strategies? What is the per capita income of

    Cold War Ideology

    Describe how the Cold War ideology that crystalized after WWII changed wartime alliances that had existed during the war. Describe how American Cold War policies and practices influenced international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

    This posting offers a personal reaction to McCarthyism.

    Please help with the following problem. This posting explains how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S. It also takes a stance to offer McCarthyism as inappropriate. Resources are listed.