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    Black Like Me

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    Help with organizing an essay on the book, "Black Like Me," by John Howard Griffin is listed.

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    As you develop your essay, you need to narrow down what you want to cover in terms of your thesis, I offer you some ideas to explore in terms of organization. Once you write your own paper, please send to me for editing and feedback about this provocative piece:

    First of all, you might want to explore race theory in conjunction with this novel. As you organize your paper, you might show the bigoted, racist attitudes of many whites about blacks within this text. For example, the notions and myths about black sexuality are prevalent within this book. You might write an entire paper about the dehumanization of blacks within this novel. For example, you can cite how the novel exposes the various inequities of the Jim Crow laws.

    By showing what many race critics call the "Othering" of the black race, his novel gains strength as he documents his quest. For example, he shows the social dehumanization when he is not permitted to use the restroom: "Scarcely believing that in this year of freedom, any man could deprive another of anything so basic as the need to quench thirst or use the rest room" (63). In other words, he shows the political, social, personal, and emotional ...

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