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    Ronald Reagan's Economic Policies

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    How Reagan's policies reflected conservative politics and contributed to stimulation of the economy.

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    During the 1960s and 1970s, a combination of domestic economic troubles (i.e. high inflation and a stagnant economy - called "stagflation") and international crises (i.e. Vietnam war, Iranian hostage crisis, etc.) created widespread anxiety. As a result the American people became disillusioned with the liberal policies of the New Deal and the Great Society. For two decades, the government budget had steadily risen and by the 1980s the American taxpayer was ready for something new. Ronald Reagan emerged as a creditable conservative leader. His personality and style resembled that of his early political hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Reagan however, adopted a ...

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    This solution addresses the efforts by Ronald Reagan to stimulate the economy during his administration. It provides an explanation of Reagan's economic theory, i.e. "supply-side economics" or "Reaganomics". Additionally there is a discussion about the outcome of these efforts by the Reagan administration.