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Reagan presidency overrated?

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1. Was Ronald Reagan's presidency overrated or underrated.
2. Was his Economic Policies, involvement in the Iran Contra Affair, and involvement in ending The Cold War overrated or underrated.

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Reagan was a good President. He was affable, smart, and not a micro manager. These are also the reasons he is overrated in many ways. His ability to communicate, good and bad news, helped him persuade people to his point of view. He was smart enough to read the country's population and understand what their priorities were and enhance those in his terms in office. He also was very hands off. This style of leadership can work for or against a president. So many events happened that were bad, that we see the value in being more hands on.

However, do not let Iran Contra and other scandals take away from what he accomplished. He brought a feeling of revival and hope to a country that had been beaten down by the Nixon and Agnew regimes, the hostage taking in Iran, and the general changes the country underwent due to the change from the gold standard. ...

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An overview of the Reagan administrations accomplishments and missteps, all under the communication skills of Ronald Reagan.