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Reagen Revolution and its Effects

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What was the "Reagan Revolution"? Describe the innovations in policies brought to Washington by President Reagan and the new Congress in 1980. What were the consequences, positive and negative, of the changes?

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Americans were deeply frustrated due to political and economic conditions before the election of President Ronald Reagan. The inflation was high about 18% and the Iranian hostage crisis had wounded the American prestige. The cold war between the United States and Soviet Union were raging. In the wake of this discouragement and difficult period, Ronald Reagan was elected under the Republican ticket. The theme of the Republicans was to " make America great again."

The innovative programs of Ronald Reagan were known as the Reagan Revolution. When Reagan took office on January 20, 1981 as the President, he brought about drastic changes in the government. He believed that the size of the government was too much and it was curtailed. No other presidents, followed ...

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