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    Economic Industrial and Technologial Revolutions

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    Select five innovations associated with the Industrial Revolution and five innovations from the Technological Revolution. For each innovation, identify the effects it had on individuals, societies, businesses, and politics.

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    I anticipate that this is an essay question, I'll write in point form. You will need to do additional research to elaborate. I'll work out the first couple in detail.

    Industrial Revolution:

    Steam Engine:

    While the Steam Engine had previously been invented, the Steam Engine designed by James Watt was far more practical. The steam engine had major impacts in several economic sectors. First, the mining industry was the earliest adopter of the steam engine, employing the technology to pump water. The steam engine was later used in the transportation sector, leading to the development of "steamboats" and steam powered trains. Perhaps most significantly, the steam engine was used in manufacturing (i.e. first factories) to drive machines. For individuals, this invention changed the way they worked and quickly began to change the way they travelled. The steam engine "drove" the industrial ...

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    The following posting discusses five innovations associated with the Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution and their effects on individuals, societies, businesses and politics.