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Innovations of the Technical and Industrial Revolutions

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Select five innovations each from the Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution. For each innovation, fill in the appropriate information to the table below, marking with an X whether the innovation occurred during the Industrial or Technological Revolution.

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Industrial Revolution:
1. Cotton gin: increased the speed of cotton cleaning by 50 times
Individual impacts: Farmers who were previously suffering losses were able to become profitable
Social impacts: crop rotation is abandoned in favor of profits from cotton; labor shortage results since more acres are under cultivation
Business impacts: Southern communities became dependent on a single cash crop; created a slave-based economy in the South
Political impacts: Congress passed tariffs to help manufacturing companies (located in the North); contributed to tensions between the North and South, leading eventually to civil war

2. Steam engine:
Individual impacts: People were able to travel to visit distant friends and relatives; greatly increased the speed of transport and standards of living through rapid transport of manufactured goods
Social impacts: Removal of geographic boundaries
Business Impacts: iron/coal industries expanded, increasing labor concentration into mills, factories and mines
Political impacts: facilitated the rise of organized labor

3. Telegraph
Individual impacts: people were able to communicate rapidly, improving the transfer of knowlege
Social impacts: faster, cheaper communication breaks down geographic barriers and encourages ...

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Impacts of the innovations of the Technical and Industrial Revolutions