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Jefferson's suggestions for the revolutionary goals of liberty

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Why were there so many revolutions in France in the nineteenth century? What are common causes or issues among them all, and what are distinctive features of each? Be sure to include specific information regarding the different revolutions to support your position. How useful, or not, is Jefferson's suggestion that several different generations are necessary to achieve revolutionary goals of liberty and democracy?

Answer with at least 225 words.

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When looking at why were there so many revolutions in France in the nineteenth century and the common causes or issues among them, you might use the Sans-culottes Movement as an example. When looking at the Revolution of 1789 and later revolutions, please note how class differences and the struggle for equity played a role. In this example you might note how the Sans-culottes served as one the first working class groups to represent both a political and social stance. For example, Sans-culottes believed that ...

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