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    Nefertiti: The Beautiful One Has Come (A Slideshow)

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    Can someone help me out with a presentation on the Life of Nefertiti?

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    Dear Student,
    While I cannot make the slideshow for you, I have created a guide of what ought to be in the slides: text & images. All in all your powerpoint presentation I suggest should be made up of eight slides, each slide telling the story of Queen Nefertiti,who she is and what she did in her lifetime. I have attached a folder full of images for you to use. I suggested the images you can use in each slide, they are all in the attached zipped folder. I suggest that you reword the text I created to adapt it for your own presentation. How you design your presentation: background colour, font to use is entirely up to you. Be creative. After all you are going to tell the story of a very beautiful woman. Good Luck!

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    Slide One:

    Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (1370 BC to 1330 BC), whose name means "The Beautiful One has come",while second only to Queen Cleopatra in fame has become one of the most influential personalities during the reign of her husband, the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV. Egypt's strength in her time is drawn from the powerful Nile River that to the Egyptians is ...

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    The Posting asked for guidance on creating a slideshow presentation on the Life of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The SOlution provides that, with suggestions on what to put on each slide, telling Nefertiti's story: her life, her times. The Solution also contains a folder of images that can be used for each slide as well as a word version of the solution to easily use as a guide.