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Media & Standards of Beauty Article Review

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Using your selected topic, prepare a response in which you describe the relationship between media literacy and the responsible consumption of popular culture. In your paper, do the following:

Select one form of media such as print advertisements, television shows, motion pictures, or music and discuss how your selected form of media affects your selected topic. Examples include the impact that action adventure films have on violence or the impact that print media advertising has on standards of beauty.

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Media & Standards of Beauty

"Advertisers promote a beauty standard that doesn't come naturally (or cheap) to most women."
- NOW Foundation 2007

When we watch TV, read magazines and look at print ads and billboards all over town, we are bombarded by images that appeal, that have impact. In relation to women however, most of the visual imagery pictured present a standard of beauty that deifies the most beautiful among us, setting a standard that 'ordinary' women look up to and work towards. Women are great consumers of products for the home and for themselves. Manufacturers have recognized this. The struggle and the act towards 'becoming beautiful' though is not an alien concept, it is one that had been around for thousands of years. ...

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