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    Media Research: Middle Childhood and Preteen Messages

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    Conduct a study of media messages from the perspective of children in the stage of middle childhood.

    1. Visit a mall, visits shops in the mall, study store window displays, notice billboards, review popular magazines such as at supermarket check-out counters and in book stores/drug stores, discuss prime-time television programs and commercials, discuss major motion pictures that are PG-13 rated, listen to music on popular radio stations.

    2. Identify a theme of the data collected, which implies a message to children, and base your paper and presentation on that theme. Prepare a four-to-five-page paper (350 words per page or Power Point Presentation).

    3. The theme may be of any nature - such as beauty as a cultural value, fitness/health, aggression, sexuality, commitment, or something else. It might be positive or negative.

    4. Include reference to theoretical material as you describe the impact you believe these media messages have on child development.

    I need suggestions and ideas of how to best approach this assignment. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    To identify media messages that impact preteen children, this solution responds to each section through a detailed outline for identifying media messages from the perspective of children in the stage of middle childhood. Supplemented with an informative article on obesity in children and the link to media messages.