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    Prepare a 1,400 word biography.
    The biography must include the following material (if available):

    a.Place of birth
    b.Brief overview of family life and upbringing
    d.Countries in which he or she lived and worked
    e.Specific examples of his or her contributions, not limited to mathematics
    f.Most important work and results (what is the person most remembered for?)
    g.Place and cause of death (if known).

    Use at least two sources. use references please.

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    Place of Birth
    Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor was born March 3, 1845 in St. Petersburg, Russia and died January 6, 1918 in Halle, Germany. His father was a Protestant born in Denmark, moved with his family to Russia and was considered a prominent local merchant in St. Petersburg named Georg Waldemar Cantor. His mother was Roman Catholic and Russian born. She had a true love for music and her name was Maria Anna Bohm.

    Overview of Family Life and Upbringing
    At the age of 11, he and his family relocated to Germany due to Georg's father's poor health. Russia's brutal winters were taking their toll on Georg's father and the much gentler climate of Germany was appealing. The family first settled in Wiesbaden and then relocated to Frankfurt.

    Writings have stated of Georg that "he remembered his early years in Russia with great nostalgia and never felt at east in Germany, although he lived there for the rest of his life and seemingly never wrote in the Russian language, which he must have known" (Encyclopedia Britannica 2008).

    Georg's early life was happy and he was home schooled during this time. As he got a little older, he attended middle school in St. Petersburg. After relocating to Germany, he attended Realschule. The school was located in Darmstadt and George was boarded. He graduated in 1860 with significant grades in trigonometry and general math. From 1860 to 1862, George attended school in Zurich at the Polytechnic. His father is quoted as saying that he "wanted Georg to attend Polytechnic so he could be a shining star in the engineering firmament" (Encyclopedia Britannica 2008).

    Georg's father passed away in 1863 and he relocated to Berlin to be closer to his widowed mother and attended the University of Berlin. George became president of the universities Mathematical Society during 1864 and 1865 and while at the university, he befriended Hermann Schwartz. The two students attended lectures by Kronecker, Kimmer and Weierstrass. During the summer ...

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