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    Biography of a Mathematician: Carl Friedrich Gauss

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    Hello: I am looking for help with the following. If you can do it I need the name of the mathematician ASAP.
    Biography of a Mathematician Paper
    Select one mathematician and write an informative biography. To avoid duplication, sign up for the mathematician you would like to research during Week One. Research the selected mathematician and prepare a 1,400 to 1,750 word biography. The biography should not be a summary of the class discussions.
    The biography must include the following material (if available):
    a. Place of birth
    b. Brief overview of family life and upbringing
    c. Education
    d. Countries in which he or she lived and worked
    e. Specific examples of his or her contributions, not limited to mathematics
    f. Most important work and results (what do you most remember the person for?)
    g. Place and cause of death (if known)
    Use at least two secondary sources other than the course textbook.
    Refer to your text
    A Concise History of Mathematics, for a list of mathematicians to choose from, or consult this site: http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/history/Indexes/Full_Alph.html

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    //As per the directions, we will write about the informative biography of the selected mathematician, which is Carl Friedrich Gauss. We will mainly focus on the description of the overall growth and development stages of the mathematician to understand the hard work and key interests of the person.//

    Biography of a Mathematician: Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Carl Friedrich Gauss was a mathematician and scientist, who belongs to Germany and bestowed towards the development of mathematics (number system, probability theory, geometry, etc.), physics (electromagnetism, astronomy, etc.), optics, geophysics, etc. In a significant manner. He is considered as the prominent mathematician for his contributions in the field of mathematics and science. His empirical and practical research work revolutionized the field of mathematics and science, which has established the key perspectives related to the respective field. He has strong enthusiasm, which made him perfect and hard working in the concerned field. His personal aim in life was to provide lesser work, but it should be perfect and define the complete work with originality (Dunnington, Gray & Dohse, 2004).

    He is considered as physicist and mathematical scientist for his productive performance in the areas of mathematics and science. The overall discussion in the paper about Carl Friedrich Gauss will mainly focus on the analysis of the place of birth, overview of the family life, education, challenges faced in the different phases of life, contributions, place and cause of death. It will provide assistance in understanding the information about the great mathematician and his prominent contributions to the different fields of mathematics and science. In the development of professional approach, the collective efforts of Carl Gauss and other mathematicians are very important and can never be denied (O'Connor & Robertson, 1996).

    //After discussing about the general overview about the mathematician, we will write about the place of birth, overview of family life and upbringing. Then, we will write about the education of Carl Gauss, which will provide information about the growth and development of the mathematician.//

    Carl Gauss was born in a town working poor family on April 30, 1777 in Brunswick of Germany. As a child, he was baptized and established in the church in the neighborhood of his school. His father observed the talent of his child at the early stages, when he exposed implausible talent in the field of mathematics by providing assistance to his father in managing the accounts, cumbersome tax calculations and finding out errors in the wage evaluation sheet. His teacher promoted him for consistently practicing the arithmetic calculations due to his amazing performance at the first class, when he added together the integers from 1 to 100 right ways in one attempt. His teacher provided relevant books for ...

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