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    Hilter's Rise to Power

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    I need some help in writing a one page paper discussing how Hitler ended up being the leader of the political party (NSDAP) in Germany.

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    1. Need some help in writing a one page paper discussing how Hitler ended up being the leader of the political party (NSDAP) in Germany?

    Let's look at some background information first. I also added extra infromation at the end.


    Adolf Hitler was born in the small town of Braunau, Austria in 1889. His mother always indulged Hitler as a boy, and they grew very close. Hitler was a good student until age 14, and at the death of his father, quit school and stayed at home reading books, listening to music and painting pictures until age 19, when he moved to Vienna to attend art school. Due to technical issues with his art he was rejected from the art academy, Hitler was forced to take odd jobs in order to make a living in Vienna, such as working as a carpet cleaner, shoveling snow door-to-door, and painting postcards to sell on the street. (http://www.saskschools.ca/curr_content/history20/unit2/sec2_01.html)

    Hitler gained his political views in Vienna influenced by the ideas of German Worker's Party (GPW) and an ex-monk named Lanz Von Liebenfels, who preached a crude form of the theory put forth by Charles Darwin called "survival of the fittest." Nationalistic politics centered upon the idea that German-speaking people should be in control of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Other political ideas that Hitler began to believe in while living in Vienna, which became the of cornerstone of Hitler's rule as a dictator of Germany, included:

    1. German speaking people were superior,
    2. Germans were the natural leaders of Central Europe,
    3. "Inferior" people should be moved out of Austria,
    4. Austria should join Germany. (http://www.saskschools.ca/curr_content/history20/unit2/sec2_02.html)

    These ideas, once committed to policy, were to have tragic results for the future of Europe.

    During the war years (1913-1918), Hitler left Austria in 1913 to avoid being drafted into the Austrian-Hungarian Army, not for being a coward, but that he did not wish to serve with all the "inferior" people that made up the country of his birth. He moved to the German city of Munich, which was to become the birthplace of the Nazi party. With the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, Hitler to join the German Army where ...

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    This solution discusses how Hitler ended up as the leader of the political party (NSDAP) in Germany. References are provided.