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    power calculation explanations

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    To have a better understanding of tidal power, storage and distribution If the surplus overnight output of a power station is 'stored' by using it to pump water up into a high reservoir.

    A).The surplus electrical energy generated during one night is 3 million kilowatt-hours. If 4% of this is lost in the pumping process, calculate the energy available to raise the water and express your answer in (MJ).

    B) If the reservoir is 190 m above the intake, how many cubic metres of water will there be delivered during the night?
    density of water = 1000 kg m-3
    acceleration due to gravity, g = 10 m s-2

    C) Show that, if the area of the reservoir is 3.6 km2, its surface level will rise by 1.5 m as a result of the additional volume of water.

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    The surplus electricity generated during one night is 3 million kilowatt hours. However, 4% of this is lost in the pumping process. This means only 96% of the surplus electricity is used for raising the water. This is 2,880,000 kilowatt hours (3.0 m X 0.96). Now one ...

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