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Regarding the War in Vietnam and ROE

Correlate the understanding of (Return of Equity) ROE with the limited war ideology and its assumptions as seen through the perspective and experiences of General William Westmoreland.

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Many Americans could not fathom or accept the U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Many felt like American Soldiers were open prey as the "Rules of Engagement" limited and restricted traditional military action. Some of the non-traditional war activities in Vietnam included but were not limited to: no-fire zones, free-fire zones, bombing restrictions and the list goes on. The extensive rules of engagement placed the American Soldier in extreme danger, without a chance of victory hence, the Vietnam War when critiqued and analyzed outside of the related politics would defy reason. The war in essence critiqued objectively was a war never fought to win. The battle was a part of a greater international endeavor to eliminate or, might I say, lesson the bite of ...

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The solution discusses the war in Vietnam and ROE.