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Constitution - Slavery

It is early December, 1860, the United States is about to tear itself apart with a full blown war (Civil War/War Between the States). Disregarding the issue of Slavery, explain why you feel that the South should be able to leave the Union constitutionally, or not. Please keep in mind that the South's argument was that the North (New England) had attempted to secede from the Union three (3) times before 1860, but, changed its mind. And, the fact that the states had bought into the Articles of Confederation which specifically allowed states to leave, if they wished. Also, please keep in mind that from the North's point of view, it is illegal for the South to secede and the Union must be preserved at all costs.

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The Articles of Confederation were constructed over 100 years prior to the succession of the South in the lead-up to the Civil War. The most important facet of the argument against validity for the Southern states succession based upon the laurels of this document is that it was replaced by the Constitution of the United States specifically because it provided weak governmental oversight. Therefore, this document had no validity once the Constitution. Therefore, the Constitution was the only recognizable document and it stated a union of states that were legally tied to remain within this union. When the Articles of Confederation were written only 13 states were a part of the union, but this had changed ...

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Affects of slavery on the civil war.