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Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma Project

Prepare a paper that reports your experience with this Phase (Analyze) of DMAIC on this project. Expectations: * Make notes of your experiences as you go * Evaluate your notes and your memory to determine the critical issues or problems you experienced in completing this Black-belt task

Lean Six Sigma Project Case: Analyze Phase of DMAIC

See attached file for format. Analyze Assignment: Submit an Analyze Definition Document which will demonstrate your ability to analyze a problem situation using the Analyze Phase of DMAIC. Expectations: ? Differentiate the various relevant aspects of the situation and analyze the problem at the Blackbelt level us

Lean six sigma project case

see attached The Assembly Department Manager (the same one as used before) now concerned about the scrap rate that he sees on the Quarterly Scrap Rate Report for his department. The weekly scrap rate data is shown here. Week Scrap/ Rework 1 9.8% 2 9.4% 3 11.9% 4 7.8% 5 12.1% 6 10.0% 7 11.6% 8 11.8% 9 5.8% 10 9.7%

Lean Six Sigma Project

Honda Civic Hybrid Hypothesis Honda has history of environmental leadership and the company has carried its tradition along by getting recognized as country's greenest automaker by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The Honda's most innovative offering has been with Civic Hybrid. The company boasts of providing adva

Excellent Manufacturing Company lean six sigma project case

See attached file for graphs. As the Quality Manager for Excellent Manufacturing Company you have received the Quarterly Production Report. This shows that the latest 13 weeks of the production output and hours worked in each department. The Assembly Department Manager would like to know if there is a way that the data can be

Problem Measurement Document: Lean Six Sigma

See the attached file. Submit a Problem Measurement Document which will demonstrate your ability to measure a problem situation using the Measure Phase of DMAIC. * Differentiate the various relevant aspects of the situation and define the problem at the Blackbelt level using various tools of the Measure Phase. * O

Quality Management Cessna Aircraft

Please read the following article (along with the others in the required readings) and learn how Cessna went through a very substantial and well-documented quality initiative program to improve its logistics systems. Cessna aims to drive SCM to its very core, Purchasing; Boston; Jun 6, 2002; James P Morgan. Abstract:

Statistical Methods for Six Sigma

Consider Ford or any major company. Integrate the statistical concepts and six sigma principles and turn in your one page paper addressing the following questions : 1) Show you understanding of Control Charts. 2) Discuss how control chart can help this organization? Which chart would you use, R Chart, C Chart, X-bar Chart

Important Information about Quality Control

Super Cola Bottles soft drinks labeled "net weight 16 ounces." An overall process average of 16.01 ounces has been found by taking several batches of samples, in which each sample contained 5 bottles. The average range of the process is .25 ounce. Determine the upper and lower control limit for averages in this process. Hint:

Statistical Methods for Six Sigma and Quality

According to the Japanese National Land Agency, average land prices in central Tokyo soared 49% in the first six months of 1995. An international real estate investment company wants to test this claim against the alternative that the average price did not rise by 49%, at a 0.01 level of significance. (sample size 18, average 3

Introduction to Quality Management and Six Sigma

Assignment: Generate a DMAIC Project Plan. Consider General Electric. Explore the quality issues that are occurring in this company and determine one possible issue that can be a Six Sigma project. The best project is one that is occurring in your area of responsibility. If there is no opportunity there, then consult your co-wor

Quality Management and Six Sigma

See the attached file. Assignment: How is DMAIC used on Six Sigma Projects? Read the following two cases about two Six Sigma projects. Analyze how each one used the DMAIC process to solve the problem. Write a paper comparing and contrasting the two projects. Assignment Expectations: Be sure to include the following: What a

Simplified Gauge Verification: Statistical Methods for Six Sigma

Suppose in the manufacturing process, a part needs to be 2.5 inches. Due to the random errors, it cannot be 2.5 inches exactly. Here are some readings from the inspectors. Please find the % of gauge error. Please also state how the gauge verification improves the performance of a manufacturing process. Master Part Diameter R

Hotel Escargo - Data Collection and Graphical Display

As a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team, you have been asked to collect data on the three main areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings) and graph the data to identify any issue occurrences. Use the hotel information provided here. Collect the data, create graphs and/or tables, and describe any

Using the Six Sigma principles and its Quality tools, data is collected and further analyzed to improve on the Hotel's processes. In particular the check-in, check-out and other hotel offerings. Graphical representation of the processes better halp the student understand root cause. Work sampling and time study analysis are done to assist in the evaluation.

As a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team, you have been asked to collect data on the three main areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings) and graph the data to identify any issue occurrences. Use the hotel information provided here. Collect the data, create graphs and/or tables, and describe any

Six Sigma in the hospital.

Six Sigma process applied to the hospital setting with clear examples related to the hospital laboratory and the hospital discharge process.

Organizational change

After reviewing the results of the employee survey, the senior leadership team identified several areas for improvement. One of the issues is the quality and safety in the production department. The department managers meet with you to discuss implementing a safety and quality process improvement process (PIP) within their de

Non-financial ethical compliance measures

Although much of the regulatory focus of corporate ethics and compliance is driven by financial measures, the integrity of an organization also has to focus on non-financial areas of performance. List and describe three models that have been developed to capture structural and behavioral organizational ethical performance.

Six Sigma and TQM

1. Do an Internet search for "Six Sigma" quality programs. Browse through the search results and (a) identify at least three companies that offer Six Sigma training and (b) compile a list of companies that have implemented Six Sigma programs in their pursuit of operational excellence. Be sure to cite all URLs (Web addresses)

Systems Operations Management

A process is generally considered to be in control when a. there are no sample points outside the control limits b. most points are near the center line, without many being close to the control limits c. sample points are randomly distributed equally above and below the center line d. all of the above are true The ratio

Important indicators that measure performance in a company

Describe the two of the most important indicators that measure performance in a company, unit or department. Is the compensation tied directly to those indicators? Can you tie those indicators to the indicators used at the next level in this company?

Ford Motor Company as an examples of Six Sigma

The operations manager is faced with a multitude of responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is the need to control quality. This is achieved through the creation and use of statistical control processes (SPCs). SPCs are designed to inspect, identify, and measure manufacturing and service operations to ensure the necessary

Construct three-sigma X chart and R chat. Discuss process.

Sample Observations Number 1 2 3 4 5 1 0.486 0.499 0.493 0.511 0.481 2 0.499 0.506 0.516 0.494 0.529 3 0.496 0.5 0.515 0.488 0.521 4 0.495 0.506 0.483 0.487 0.489 5 0.472 0.502 0.526 0.469 0.481 6 0.473 0.495 0.507 0.493 0.506 7 0.495 0.512 0.49 0.471 0.504 8 0.525 0.501 0.498 0.474 0.485 9 0.497 0.501 0.

Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma & the Learning Curve

1. What is process capability? Provide an example of how it can be used in a global organization. What special considerations should be given to a global organization compared with a more local business? 2. In what ways does your organization rely on statistical process control? As organizations seek to become more effective