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Six Sigma

Operation Management

1.) From The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer July 5, 2001, Section F, page 1 "Ford Motor Company, under pressure to reduce defects in its cars and trucks, said its Six Sigma program will save $300 million in costs this year while improving quality...." Ford said Six Sigma, though similar to other quality improvement programs, emp

Leader's Role in Creating a Culture of Learning

What is a leader's role in creating a culture of learning for an organization? As a leader what would you do, or what do you do, to encourage your employees to be involved in continuous learning? Defend your point of view on the statement, "with a culture focused on learning, an organization does not need to implement a

Total Quality Management

In-depth analysis of the " Total quality management for Bank of america"describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to your organization/segment, and your plan for implementation.

Importance of using quality tools in the DMAIC process

Quality Tools and DMAIC Discuss the importance of using quality tools in the DMAIC process. What are the benefits of using various quality tools during DMAIC? How can these tools be used by the teams to enhance teamwork? What is your opinon on Mark's answer about Quality Tools and DMAIC? Mark's answer: DMAIC is a c

Short Supply Chain Questions

Could you provide your feedback to these supply chain questions below? Please post your feedback within 200 words or so. Thank you. 1. I have wondered how "portable" the Six Sigma culture would be. What is the value placed upon having a Six Sigma background when changing jobs or careers? I expect it will increase in value

Production and operations management for Microsoft and evaluate the use of teams

Details of assignment using Microsoft Assignment 3: Using Teams in Production and Operations Management Dr. W. Edwards Deming developed 14 principles for production and operations management that came to be known as Total Quality Management (TQM). One principle is to work in teams. He advised his clients to: "Break down

Personal Strategic Plan: Mission, internal analysis, external analysis, SWOT

See attached file. Using the step by step model for strategic planning, prepare a strategic plan for yourself. Indicate your mission, do an internal analysis, an external analysis, a SWOT and end with conclusions and recommendations for yourself. My Career goal is to become a Supply Chain Analyst or Manager, I am taking

Short Supply Chain Qualifications

1. I like statistical process control, I guess because I'm a "quantifiable" kind of person. If we say our quality meets the standard for no defects 99.9% of the time, I want to be able to prove it with numbers. What are some factors that you can think of that might affect the number of samples that you collect? 2. Do you th

Business Management: Purpose of a control system; levels of analysis; budgeting

1. What is the purpose of a control system? How does that purpose translate into strategic actions? 2. Using levels of analysis - differentiate between strategic controls, operating controls, and functional controls. Give examples of each. 3. Explain Fortune 500 business's "love affair" with quality standards such as Six

The Excellent Manufacturing Company & Quality

Analyze the quality situation in the processes that are used to produce the Plasti-brack product line. Determine an appropriate plan for implementing a quality plan and improving the quality situation. Justify your plan and make recommendations regarding TQM and ISO9000. Case: The Excellent Manufacturing Company & Quality

Sparkling Automotive Company: Slides for presentation

FULL COST COSTING/ABSORPTION COSTS AND ACTIVITY BASE COST INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the Sparkling Automotive Company You have joined one of the finest teams of professionals at one of the world's leading globally integrated logistics manufacturer and service providers. We offer valuable production and service for our

Operations Management and Mission Strategies

I really need some help with this paper. Are you up to it? Consider that you are a well-respected Operations Management consultant. As such, you have been asked to present a paper to an international organization. The subject of your paper is an analysis of how a firm has applied some or all of the 10 OM Strategies to suc

Organizational Development Case Study

The Case Study Sigma Skis is undergoing an unplanned, unanticipated and a sudden change. Sigma Skis was formed to manufacture fiberglass products and components of the recreational industry. Until this year, they had been very successful. But with the economic downturn business has been dropping. There have been layoffs in the o

Six Sigma

Needing to formulate a paper on the Six Sigma and how the methodology is relevant to designing an organization in eight pages

Market Returns using Standard Deviation and Beta

Please provide step by step instructions to complete the questions asked. This is the only information given in the book. Suppose the standard deviation of the market return is 20% A) What is the standard deviation of returns on a well-diversified portfolio with a beta of 1.3? B) What is the standard deviation of return

Operations management: Ken Cardashian founded a new credit card company...

Can you help me get started with this project? Ken Cardashian founded a new credit card company to compete with Visa & MasterCard. It is called the CARD. Pre-approved invitations were sent to millions of Americans. To encourage individuals to use the CARD, fees were much lower than Visa and MasterCard. The marketing depa

Six Sigma: DMADV and DMAIC

Describe both the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and the Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify (DMADV) methodologies. When can DMAIC and DMADV be used? When is one used instead of the other?

Lean Six Sigma Project for Civic Hybrid Model

See attached files. Factorial Designs Assignment: Continue with the situation from attached previous assignment (SLP). Design a two level experiment. Expectations: What are the critical factors (choose 2, or 3, or 4). What are the settings of the factors that you will use in the experiment? Develop the design matrix

Lean Six Sigma Project Case using the Control Phase of DMAIC

See attached files. Case Assignment: Submit a Problem Control & Completion Document which will demonstrate your ability to control a problem solution situation and complete the issue using the Control Phase of DMAIC. READ THE REQUIRED READINGS IN BACKGROUND - Become familiar with the outline and contents of the Contrtol

Lean six sigma - Phase of DMAIC

Report a experience with analyze Phase of DMAIC on any project you have had. Expectations: * Make notes of your experiences as you go * Evaluate your notes and your memory to determine the critical issues or problems you experienced in completing this Blackbelt task * Organize and summarize your thoughts in a

Lean Six Sigma Project Case Assignment

Please assist with ideas for the given case. Case Assignment: Submit a Problem Improvement Document which will demonstrate your ability to IMPROVE a problem situation using the Improve Phase of DMAIC (IN ANY ORGANIZATION THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH). READ THE REQUIRED READINGS IN BACKGROUND - Required reading: iSix Si