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    Lean Six Sigma Project for Civic Hybrid Model

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    Factorial Designs

    Assignment: Continue with the situation from attached previous assignment (SLP). Design a two level experiment.
    Expectations: What are the critical factors (choose 2, or 3, or 4). What are the settings of the factors that you will use in the experiment?

    Develop the design matrix showing the setting levels (as -1, +1) for the main effects and the interaction effects. In a paper, discuss the design and how you would perform the experiment and analyze the data and test the results. Finally, discuss briefly how this effort will improve quality. Be sure to include your references.

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    Complex experimental design is a statistical design that allows for the isolation of the confounding extraneous variables. It permits manipulation of more than one independent variable in the experiment (Zikmund, 2003).
    Among the four complex experimental designs, factorial design will be utilized. Other possible designs should have been completely randomized designs, randomized block designs, and square designs.
    A factorial design allows for testing the effects of two or more factors at various levels. As applied in this study, the two independent factors that will be utilized are two of the five (5) components of the Hybrid Model that include: Integrated Motor Assist IMA® and Electric ...

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