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Compare two imporvement methodologies - Six Sigma, PDCA

Why is it necessary to pick a process improvement methodology when attempting to improve a process? Compare two different improvement methodologies: Six Sigma and PDCA. Which method do you prefer and why?

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When attempting to improve a process it is easy to use an approach which cuts costs. Many organizations will think of saving cost or pushing people to do more with less. In the long run costs can increase and customer satisfaction can decrease. To keep a competitive advantage the focus must be on improving the process. Process improvement is a long term approach to improve the organizations performance. It is necessary to pick a process improvement methodology to stay focused on the process and not fall into a short sided approach.

The Plan,Do,Check,Act (PDCA) model can be used to make continuous improvements, design new processes, implement change to an existing process, define a work process or define a new service or product. The PLAN phase is done in two steps. They identify and define the ...

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The expert compares two improvement methodologies including Six Sigma and PDCA.