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Six Sigma

The Value of Statistics

Discuss the value of Statistics and how Business Decision Making can benefit from utilizing statistics. Give an example how 2 different persons within a company can utilize statistics but in a different way.

Control and Six Sigma

What are some ethical or legal issues faced by quality managers in your organization or in an organization with which you are familiar or in general? How are these issues best addressed? Wadsworth, H., Stephens S., and Godfrey, A., ch. 6-7 as helpful; review pp. 115-123; read 322-324, & 390-397.


What are the similarities and differences among popular quality management philosophies? (Choose three.)

Analysis Tools: Operations Management

Part 1: You have heard that many companies use Operations Management (OM) tools. You asked your supervisor what he thought about this. Your supervisor requested that you research the idea and present it at the afternoon manager's meeting to see if it is something valuable to use. He had asked that you make sure to find example

MGT 449

1. There are six primary objectives of JIT, name at least three. 2. What are some characteristics of a push vs. a pull system? Provide at least two characteristics for each system. 3. The JIT philosophy on inventory management involves many principles, name at least four. 4. Provide at least four benefits of J

I am writing a strategic plan for a clinical laboratory and need assistance on the change I am proposing if it is considered long term and if not if you have any suggestions for a plan.

I am writing a strategic plan for a clinical laboratory I am having a problem trying to decide if the change I am proposing is long term and if it is how do I explain it and if its not do you have any suggestion for aplan for well established clinical laboratory key objectives Patients, growth, people(employees). My plan is t

Lean operations

Define lean operations, list and evaluate the types of such techniques and concepts that are currently being employed (or should be employed) at any company except CBS.

Finance Problems/Questions

You do not need to actually solve the problems just respond to the questions for each problem. Please see attached. --- For these three problems answer the following questions: a. What financial concept or principle is the problem asking you to solve? b. In the context of the problem scenario, what are some business

Operations and Information Systems Management

See the attached file. VF Inc. produces a small coil compression spring used in toys. The process characteristic of interest in testing this spring is the compression distance when a 5-lb. load compresses the spring. The average compression distance of all the springs produced has been specified at 6 cm. The output is normally

Operations and information management systems

1. A process is termed as six-sigma when the (circle one of the following): a. process produces exactly six defects per million b. design or customer tolerance limits are six standard deviations away from the mean c. process control limits are set at six standard deviations from the mean d. process control limits have six t

Six Sigma

If Six Sigma is the current state of the art....what is next? With continuous improvement a founding principle of TQM, where does quality go next? This is just you opinion....but based on your experience..... what needs to change for companies to go beyond Six Sigma.

Performance Rating and the Six-Sigma Theory

A manager states that his process is really working well. Out of 1,500 parts, 1,477 were produced free of a particular defect and passed inspection. Based upon Six-Sigma theory, how would you rate this performance, other things being equal. Please provide an example!

Risk assessment of a manufacturing company that has gone thru IPO

1.General risks that would be inherent to a company and how to quantify these risks. 2.Would need to be able to incorporate how the timeliness, size and risk of cash flows play a part in the assessment. 3. How would you quantify these risks? 4.If you were doing a beta calculation using two sets of excess returns, what would

Global Venture: Mexico

1. Examine operational feedback and command/control mechanisms for my global venture. Include a suggested ORGANIZATIONAL CHART. 2. Evaluate various EXIT STRATEGIES, such as DIVESTITURE of ASSETS, HANDLING OVET TO JOINT PARTNER, DIVERSIFICATION, or SHUTTING DOWN OPERATION, and CONTINGENCIES for my global venture. My global