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Today's environment, change is a constant issue for organization

In today's environment, change is a constant issue for organizations. Given the organizational structure, culture, power structures, and politics, that you have identified with many organizations, what specific strategies would you develop to manage resistance to change?

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Organizational change is a strategy implemented to accomplish organization's goals and objectives. Management who wants to implement change should expect strong resistance from some quarters in the organization. And "overcoming that resistance is a vital ingredient of any successful (Six Sigma project)." It is obvious that if proposed change is not accepted, the process will not succeed.

Resistance to the change

Culture bias among employees.
When confronted with a new team or group and faced with certain cues as to how to behave, individuals rely on the behavior that has been learned from their own culture (Thomas, J., 1999). Some of the characteristics of this mechanism can be damaging if it is used as standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. This can be damaging because it marginalizes people outside of the dominant culture.

Cultural Composition is the number of different cultures in the work group. This composition can have negative or positive effects. Negative effects because of increased process losses. One reason could be because of a difficulty in communicating. Employees and management can be trained to understand the cultural bias of each team member and their impact on mutual perceptions.

Behaviors and communication style fail in some cultures: Thus identifying approaches to address cultural gaps that could lead to misunderstandings.

Handling issues about team decision-making, giving or receiving feedback and conflict resolution." (Human Resources Magazine, 2005)

Key Recommendations for handling resistance and managing change

Creating and communicating the vision

Creating a vision to help guide the change effort. Moreover, it should be communicated to each employee clearly. Thus, it will help in reducing ...

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