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Six Sigma

Tik-a-Lock, Inc, Harriet Carter Co, Beta Gamma Sigma, Excel Electronics Company

Flexible budget preparation: Tik-a-Lock, Inc., manufactures travel locks. The budgeted selling price is $18 per lock, the variable cost is $12 per lock, and budgeted fixed costs are $12,000. 1. Prepare a flexible budget for output levels of 6,000 locks and 9,000 locks for the month ended April 30, 2011. 8-B3 You have bee

Identify 3 potential Six Sigma projects relate dto a logistics company

Business Case: Customers are not receiving orders in a timely fashion, waiting several week(s) to receive their orders due to poor efficiency and testing times of blades. TCQ is extremely high due to (hidden factory) as a result of shipping defective blades, RMA's, accounting, and shipping charges. Responding and solving cust

Six Sigma Program: Telephone Customer Service Case Study

The case study: Please describe the recommended processes that are measured through the implementation of the six sigma program in the telephone customer service department. The solution examples what a six sigma program is and how it can be used in this scenario. Examples include tracking call time before reaching a "live"

Measuring Productivity as an Operations Manager

Productivity is measured by the ratio of outputs to inputs. Some organizations use a partial measure of productivity to measure actual operations, such as a restaurant using a number of customer meals per labor hour. Assume that you are the operations manager of a local restaurant. You currently measure the following data: L

Consumer Patterns

Please help me discuss how we can work on getting better statistical data that will show us the different patterns about our customers who are calling our 1-800 phone banks with different questions and problems. I believe that we will be able to use some different quantitative variables to help us get the information we are loo

Management: Casting out Fear

In 1995, Jack Welch sent a memo to his senior managers telling them that they would require every employee that had started Six Sigma training to be promoted. Furthermore, 40 percent of the manager's bonuses were to be tied to the successful introduction of Six Sigma. Do you believe that this directive was a motivational acti

Jack Welch and Quality Management

Consider the following questions regarding Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric. - What is Jack Welch's general background? - Why is he considered a quality guru? - What specific contributions did he make to the field of quality management? - Was he effective as a quality guru? - Is there anything about h

Personnel and Organization Policy and Change

You are the Process Improvement Manager at your organization. You have been assigned the project of identifying the current performance levels of the establishment as well as a introducing various process improvement strategies, such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, etc., to improve the overall productivity of the employees and

Accounting for Management

Accounting for Management (nd) Total Quality Management (TQM) System. Retrieved from: http://accounting4management.com/total_quality_management.htm ICMS, Inc (nd) What is ABM/ABC? retrieved form: http://www.icms.net/whatisabm.htm This module, we'll discuss some modern techniques and their relationship with or eff

Organizational Development Scenario

Need assistance with the following scenario questions: 1. You are an OD practitioner that has been called on to help in the merging of two financial organizations (both international organizations). One organization is primarily in the property and casualty business but has also recently purchased an HMO organization focused

Evaluating Toyota's Strategy

What strategy, or combination of strategies did Toyota use to turn itself into a powerhouse? Over 350 word essay with references that discusses Toyota strategies.

Concept of Value: Six Sigma Project

Describe a project that you have been involved with, or read about in a business article, that had a clear value proposition for the strategic goals of the organization. What specific items provided the value to the organization and how was it measured? Comment on additional value that you think could have been added if the proj

Process Capability Index

1. Aspen Plastics produces plastic bottles to customer order. The quality inspector randomly selects four bottles from the bottle machine and measures the outside diameter of the bottle neck, a critical quality dimension that determines whether the bottle cap will fit properly. The dimensions (in.) from the last six samples are:

Lean, Six Sigma for Supply Chains

Demonstrate out how supply chain companies can integrate Lean and Six Sigma concepts into a Lean Six Sigma framework that can form the foundation of business process improvement in their organisations. You should conduct an online literature search for related articles and papers. Where appropriate, you should include suitable f

Six Sigma Advantages and Disadvantages

1. A number of control methods are used by modern organizations. Choose one of these that is used by your current organization, or an organization with which you are familiar. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the particular model or method you chose? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Six Sigma? Woul

Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Based on the videos below, please help me to: a) Identify key elements that an organization must focus on to promote change. b) Compare and contrast the different transformation stories in the videos. c) Explain why or why not you think that company is doing the right steps for change. CANSO Business Transformation http

Resistance to Change in Large System-Change Programs

Research the resistance to change in large system-change programs and address the following key points: Explain the concept of resistance to change. List and describe the various types and levels of resistance to change. Choose 1 type of resistance to change, and discuss how you would address that type of resistance at each s

Six Sigma: Constructing Control Charts

The main issue is too many complaints from customers about bad service. 1) Identify the type (variable or attribute) of data you have collected for the outputs of interest. a) Construct the appropriate control charts 2) Set the following values: process target (?), upper specification (U), and lower specification

Lovell Levelers, Inc. Manufacturing Project Six Sigma Black Belt

Lovell Levelers, Inc. is a major provider of specialized parts for the automotive industry. LLI's biggest customer, Specific Motors was not a delighted customer this month. In fact, last Monday, the executive vice president of Specific Motors headquarters, Phyllis Kendall was diverted from a return trip from Singapore to drop

An Alternative to Six Sigma

Please help answer the following question: What would be an alternative management tool to PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) or Six Sigma? Six Sigma and PDCA are both systems to manage and improve production in an organization.

Quality Management - TQM, 6 Sigma, & ISO9000

I just need an opinion on the following: What are different kinds of quality? How is customer satisfaction different from product quality? How can you measure customer satisfaction? How is product quality different from process quality? How do you measure product quality and process quality? What is process capability? How ar

Efficient Frontier, minimum variance portfolio, market portfolio, and chart CPL

Assume the expected returns, standard deviations, and correlations for well-diversified portfolios of US stocks, US bonds, US real estate and international stocks are given as follows. The risk-free rate is 4%. Expected Annual Return Annual Standard Deviation US Stocks 9% 19% US Bonds 5.5% 11% US Real Estate 6% 12%

Purpose of Sales and Operations Planning

1. What is the purpose of sales and operations planning? How does the S&OP process enter into the planning process? What value is it to the organization? 2. What are the strategic goals of supply chain management and how does procurement, transportation, and distribution affect these goals?

Global Questions

1. Let's think about a company that has a great strategy, develops a great plan and then starts implementation. What should they be doing to monitor and adjust the tactics as they are implementing. What if they find the approach is not working as well as expected? What should they do? 2. Does making the adjustment to rectify