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Evaluating Toyota's Strategy

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What strategy, or combination of strategies did Toyota use to turn itself into a powerhouse?

Over 350 word essay with references that discusses Toyota strategies.

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The Toyota Motor Corp has continued to focus on many different aspects in order to create a sound infrastructure in order to sustain their "powerhouse" reputation within the auto industry. Additionally, Toyota has looked to expand their manufacturing in order to reduce overhead and reach a wider client base.

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Toyota has implemented numerous marketing strategies in order to maintain their domination within the automotive industry. One of the most well known strategies is the continuous implementation of the historic six sigma business model in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency at all levels of the organization. While maintaining this business model, the company has implemented the strategy of diversity. The Toyota Diversity Strategy outlines the process and programs the company will use to achieve innovation by focusing on diversity at every level that includes leadership in Japan and North America (Toyota, 2012). This provides the organization with new and innovative ideas as it relates to current consumers and perspective consumers in hard to penetrate markets. ...

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