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Six Sigma

What is the difference between Six Sigma and ...

What are the differences between Six Sigma and TRIZ? Six Sigma and Business Process Reengineering (BPR)? Six Sigma and Quality Function Deployment? Six Sigma and Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle (PDCA)? Six Sigma and Quality Circle? Six Sigma and Zero Defect Program? I need detail for each and links, if possible. This is for a

Do you think American top executives would ask a consultant to do this?

In Japan, a presidential assessment is a quality assessment conducted by an outside consultant. At the conclusion of the assessment, the consultant addresses all employees and includes in his remarks some comments on the performance of the president: Do you think American top executives would ask a consultant to do this?

Strategies for Managing Resistance to Change

In today's environment, change is a constant issue for organizations. Given the organizational structure, culture, power structures, and politics, that you have identified with many organizations, what specific strategies would you develop to manage resistance to change?

Adopting Demonstrated Strategic Thinking to a New Organisation

Identify several companies that have demonstrated strategic thinking about issues that are similar to those faced by the Internal Revenue Services. Provide an overview of the issues, identify a total of five different strategies utilized by those companies to address them, and discuss the outcomes. Based on the five strategies

Six Sigma principles and Six Sigma organizations

Review the information in this chapter about Six Sigma principles and Six Sigma organizations. Brainstorm ideas for a potential Six Sigma project that could improve quality on your campus, at your work place, or in your community. Write a two-page paper describing one project idea and explain why it would be a six sigma project.

Explore the challenges that faced Bill Reffett and the leadership at Grand Union.

2. Explore the challenges that faced Bill Reffett and the leadership at Grand Union. What explanations can you offer for the apparent failure of their new strategy? 5. Why is motivation important to transformation? How might leaders approach change differently if they are trying to motivate employees to change rather than for

Improvement in Organizations and Ease of Provisions

Of the principles listed below, describe in your own words one instance where you have actually experienced the principle work well and one that you have seen to NOT work well. In the one that did not work well, based on your experience, how could the situation have been changed for the better? 1) Dedication to continual r

Relevancy of Metrics - How often to collect and analyze?

Please respond with 100 word each question 1. Relevancy of Metrics-How often to collect and analyze? There are often some organization that use their metrics to a competitive advantage. They collect metrics on a weekly basis and then use the monthly totals for sales forecasts, and supply chain management. How do you deter

Quality & Supply Chain Management-Senior Analyst

Important Background: The Canbide Corporation is a U.S.-based, multi-national, publicly traded, manufacturing company with annual sales nearing $10 billion. Canbide is one of the pioneers of the petrochemical industry and is the acknowledged technology leader in several market sectors, and benefits from large licensing royalty

Control Phase Discussion

1. Discuss on realistic issue that could be your company's Achilles heel. (Again the company I work for is Teletech)(Sorry for the short notice on these questions RJ) 2. If you were your company's CEO, what 3 numbers would you watch daily to test your strategy objectives and why? 3. What are some examples of qualitative

Supply Chain Management- 6 PowerPoint Slides w/Notes

Problem: Mr. Harkins has asked you to provide an outline draft of the key strategies for the EQ program for the Central Engineering and Research Department. Explain your rationale for making these strategy recommendations.

Six Sigma Project

I have been assigned as Lead Green Belt and Coordinator for a planned Six Sigma Project to look into the production of Management Reports and Presentations to accommodate emerging new requirements. In short looking at the report we current do within our company and evaluating the effectiveness of these reports! - Are the r

Hiring an Operations Manager

You are sitting down with the president of the company to discuss the objectives for hiring an operations manager. It is important that you and the president be in agreement so you can do a good job in the recruitment and selection process. Objectives need to reflect the values, ethics, and diversity practices of the company.

Global Trends in Strategy and Change Management

Research professional publications (HBR, Leadership Quarterly, Sloan, Mckinsey, etc) for global trends in strategy and change management. What are some current issues facing organizations? How are they dealing with these issues? What are some emerging trends? Please include references. Also prepare as if you are the CEO o

TQM Questions

1. You have been appointed project manager for TQM. One of the main functions of TQM project manager is to develop a detail plan TQM implementation, process improvement and value to the organization. Present the details of your plan and justification for a TQM program. 2. Your company is under going major change due to a sev

3M's Management Style

Summarize the story below. Which of the companies grand strategies will be threated? Is Mc Neries micro-managing a total risk to the firm? What long term objectives are discussed and describe them? Classify 3M's grand strategy or a combination of strategy. Since McNerney has boarded the company what is he doing to make the strat

Six Sigma and Process Development/Measurement

The problem I am having trouble figuring out is the following: Suppose that a process with a normally distributed output has a mean of 55.0 and a variance of 4.0. a. If the specifications are 55.0 +/- 4.00, compute Cp, Cpk,Cpm. b. Suppose the mean shifts to 53.0 but the variance remains unchanged. Recompute and interpret

Six Sigma & Process Improvement

These questions go along with the attached excel worksheets Thirty samples of size 3 were taken from a Wilmer Machine Shop machining process over a 15 hr period. Prob 7-1 in the attached worksheet a. compute the mean and standard deviation of the data b. Compute the mean and range of each sample and plot them on control cha

Six Sigma & Process Improvement

There is a excel worksheet attached for these problems Analyze the cost data in the worksheet prob 3-2 in the excel workbook attached. What are the implications of this data? Jeans Are Us Inc has a distribution center in Cincinnati where it receives and breaks down bulk orders from supplier's factories, and ships out produ

Six Sigma & Process Improvement

How to determine sigma level and what would these examples be? an insurance firm has set a standard that policy applications be processed within three days of receipt. If, out of a sample of 1,000 applications , 50 fail to meet this requirement, at what sigma level is this process operating? Over the last year 1,054 inject

Internal Supply Chain

1.) Please identify KLI's internal supply chain customers and describe both what they will require from you so that they can do their jobs, and how you intend to organize yourself so that you will satisfy those needs. 2.) Describe the components that you believe are present and/or absent in the KLI organization as of that dat

Organizing Change for WJI

As you develop the management track for WJI, you recognize that there will be resistance to implementing this change in the organization. There will be someone who will object to the requirement of having to complete this course. What can you do to manage this change? In your answer, consider the various groups that will be affe

Organizational Change May Be Successfully Managed

Describe how organizational change may be successfully managed through appropriate managerial processes and initiatives. What effective change initiatives will assist in guiding organizations to growth and sustainability?

Process Variation and Quality Management Initiatives

Define process variation. What types of variation exists in organizations today and what are some ways to identify and deal with the variation? How does General Electric deal with variation and its affect on quality management initiatives?

Operations Management: Operating Expense & Inventory Expense

QUESTION: Relating to operations management state how "Throughput, Inventory & Operating Expense relate to successful & in some cases unsuccessful business operations practice" ADDITIONAL INFO: Throughput means the rate at which an organization generates money through sales, if something has been produced but has not be