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    Six-Sigma DMAIC for improving SOx process

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    Think of a current Operations process in which you are involved, one in which you have been involved in the past, or one in the world around you. Think of some aspect of it that needed to be or needs to be improved. Assume you have been designated to lead an effort to apply to the Six-Sigma DMAIC cycle to improving the process. Discuss how you might apply those steps.

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    Problem: SOx process is no longer valid. Enhancements to the SOx automated checklist are needed to improve/streamline corporate governance over the operational model.

    ? Why must this project be done NOW? - With the recent cost saving initiatives, and corporate restructuring, Operational Model has changed and the governance around it has become stricter. As a result, the SOx approval process needs to be changed, as its current version is no longer valid.
    ? What is the business case for the project? - Organization is not complying with the SOx requirements, as the SOx process is no longer linked to the operational model.
    ? Who is the customer? - Internal clients; internal process
    ? What is the current state? - Not fully functional - limited control process
    ? What will be the future state? - Fully functional SOx process/compliance
    ? What is the scope of this project? - SOx - Enhancement to improve/streamline corporate governance over the operational model.
    ? What are the tangible deliverables? - New governance and controls over ...

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    This solution analyses the current issue that an organization is haivng with SOx process and how the Six-Sigma DMAIC cycle can be used to address and resolve this issue.