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Six Sigma

Acme (NC) has long used a central telephone/internet customer support center based in Jamaica. Data
collected by the center show that last year, all but five (5) of every 100,000 calls/accesses received by
the center were satisfactorily (to the customer) handled within the targeted time of two hours.

1. What is the highest Sigma rating that the Jamaica customer support center can claim?
(Show how you reached this rating)

2. After Acme Mexico City (AMC) begins operations next year, should the Jamaica center
support AMC's customers? (Why or why not?)

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Answer 1:

You can answer this question by following the steps:
1. First calculate defects/opportunities. 5/100,000 = 0.00005.
2. Then we need to calculate sigma level corresponding to this. You can use probability tables, or use ...

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