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Real Estate Crisis Performance Measures

I need help with writing a paper the best measures of dispersion of real estate crisis in United States.

Please provide at least 2 resources

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A great starting point: Look for companies that have had measurements in place prior to the Real Estate Crisis. These are the ones who are not really suffering in the Real Estate Crisis. This way you can compare other companies such as Country-wide that did not anticipate a real estate crisis.

Bank of America is a company who seems to have weathered the Real Estate Crisis well. This may be largely due to measurements that they have had in place which involves anticipating the ups and downs of the Real Estate Market.

I believe that the following websites will help you:

*How the US Mortgage Crisis Affects the Global Market
Aug 6, 2008 ... Their concern: opaque risk dispersion heavily leveraged and spread ... in particular the United States, Europe and Japan (the main engines ...
www.newsweek.com/id/40813 - 57k - Cached - Similar pages

* Journal of Financial Economics Banking Market Structure ...

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This assignment advised the student to look at companies and research the best statistical measures of dispersion of the real estate crisis.
It also gave web-sites and suggested companies that the student could research. There is also an attachment giving some additional detailed information for the student to help in writing this paper.