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    Current economic conditions

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    Research Paper on Current Economics Problem Problem:

    Prepare a 350-700-word Business Research on Economics include the following:
    a. Define the business research and its purpose.
    b. Explain the business problem(s) under investigation.
    c. Describe the data collection method(s)
    d. What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?

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    The subprime mortgage Crisis

    Business research and its purpose
    The subprime mortgage crisis is the biggest problem for the real estate business in the USA. If we look at this problem the problem is mainly came out due to a heavy loan grants by the banks to the real estate company. But the economic crisis forced the real estate companies to stop repayments of loans to the banks and this created a subprime mortgage crisis in the countries like USA. Due to this some top banks can't save themselves from bankruptcy. Here the business research is done to find out the real impact on the banks and at the same time to find out the impact of mortgage crisis on there financial and marketing positions. The main purpose of this research is to find out the real problem faced by ...

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