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Six Sigma DMAIC

Smart Software Developers Corp. is a multinational company offering custom software solutions to banking, healthcare, cargo handling, and automobile sectors. The company has operations in several geographical locations. Smart Software Developers Corp. has evolved from no quality systems to a stable QMS level based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The company's management decides to excel in the business using Six Sigma as the philosophy. The company sets its vision and objectives, and wants to deploy it across the organization. One of the tools that the company wants to use is the DMAIC tactical approach of Six Sigma.

As the work force in various locations of the company is huge, the management wants to adopt an approach document in the form of a checklist. This will ensure that the Six Sigma projects are successfully completed by following the phases of the appropriate tool. Assume that you are part of the team, and prepare a Six Sigma project checklist with respect to the DMAIC approach.

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